A day in the archives is a meeting place, where researchers in history – students or experts – share their discoveries and experiences through some ‘traces’ left in the court records or in the archives of social regulation. How can we perceive and feel the archives as an organic material? The aim of our project is to demonstrate the value of the archives as an object of knowledge, learning and experience, in a dynamic way. Social, medical, intimate and everyday life history: through the social regulation and judicial history, A day in the archives is the witness of several stories.

A day in the archives has three objectives (among others) : enhance the archive, communicate about history (especially justice and social history) and share historical experiences.

The project is actually supported by the Center for Law and Justice History/Centre d’histoire du droit et de la justice (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgique).


Editor: Veerle Massin

Editorial board: Romain Parmentier, Quentin Verreycken

All the pictures and photographic materials from the archives centers are provided with their authorization.

The pictures of the #mortsuspecte project are from :

Archives générales du Royaume, Bruxelles, Dépôt Cuvelier (AGR2), Cour d’Assises de Brabant, 1895-1915

Archives de l’Etat à Namur, Haute Cour de Namur, 17e et 18e siècles